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Cartwheels and Gymnastics Helps to Develop:
At Cartwheels, Etc., our program is designed to teach gymnastics to all students. Instruction revolves around the needs of each individual child. We truly believe that gymnastics can be beneficial to the physical and psychological development of every student at all skill levels.

The development of physical skills, particularly gymnastics skills, provides a tremendous tool for enhancing a child’s self concept by providing many successes in a non-competitive setting. Increased confidence, as a result of successful learning experiences, is as much a part of our program as is the development of specific gymnastics skills.


Gymnastics training is based on learning a progression of skills. As a gymnast moves from easy movements to more complex skills, he or she develops a sense of accomplishment and a natural confidence in his or her abilities

Through basic gymnastics skills, a child develops a keener sense of balance, body awareness and coordinated movement

Gymnastics allows children to express themselves in a unique and individual way. So much of gymnastics is exploration. Children are constantly challenged to try new skills and to discover just how much they can accomplish through hard work and creative thinking

Still in its early stages, recent research suggests physical training in gymnastics enhances a child’s ability to think logically. In order to progress, (and to have more fun), a child is required to be organized, disciplined and focused on the task at hand. As natural outgrowth of training, children learn to approach the challenges of life logically, sensibly and with confidence

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